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A behind the scenes look at my life as an entertainer. Awkward celebrity encounters included.

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My NBC Audition In The Dress That Changed My Life

There are only a handful of items in my closet that I have an emotional attachment to. This dress is one of them. It’s from the costume rack at NBC Universal.  I wore it while I performed in a sketch comedy showcase for 100 casting agents, producers, and NBC executives.  It was one of the most exciting and horrifying experiences of my life. But I got to keep the dress! Read more

Living Out Loud, Showbiz & Celebrities

How to Get to Sesame Street – I Went Viral with Cookie Monster

Life is full of surprises. Can I get an Amen? Last year I was given an opportunity to do some filming with PBS. I immediately said yes, having absolutely no idea what I would be doing. It was one of those days. I wasn’t crazy about my outfit, I was tired, and I had helmet hair from riding on my husband’s scooter. But I was determined to be professional and do a good job. PBS does not call everyday.

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