Remember when we all thought Bob Barker died? He totally didn’t, but the news hit me hard. I mean, who doesn’t love Bob Barker?! Today seemed like as good a time as any to pay tribute to the LIVING legend that is Bobby B. Here’s 6 reasons why Bob Barker will ALWAYS be dope AF.

1. Bobby Was Pretty Tasty Back in the Day

We think of Bob Barker as this eternally old guy, but let’s not forget when his milkshake brought ALL the contestants to the yard.


2. Bob Was Not About That Fur Coat Life

As an avid animal rights activist, Bob Barker had a big problem with people wearing fur. He stopped The Price is Right from giving out fur coats as prizes. And quit hosting the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants when they refused.


3. Bob Barker Studied Martial Arts

In fact, he earned a black belt. And get this, his teacher was…Chuck fucking Norris! I feel like we wasted the 00’s on Chuck Norris jokes when it was really Bob who could kill two stones with one bird.


4. He’s the Old White Man Version of Oprah

Bob Barker told around 40,000 contestants to “Come on down!” and gave away more than $200 million in prizes. Too bad they didn’t give away healthcare.


5. He Kicked Adam Sandler’s Ass

I mean, somebody had to. But check out this scene from Happy Gilmore. B-Bark did that!

6. He Gives Away His Own Money To Animals

Barker contributed $5 million  to help end international whaling. He also paid $1 million to have a bunch of elephants moved to a sanctuary and cried when they arrived. And judging by this picture, he’s a bunny whisperer.


In conclusion, Bob Barker is dope af, and I hope he lives forever.

LA Times