It’s been a hot minute since I’ve wandered around a museum, so last week I went to see an Andy Warhol exhibit at the Blanton. I’m not a huge Warhol fan, but I am a sucker for  genius weirdos with funny haircuts. Andy checks that box. This exhibit focuses on his work as an illustrator, designer, and author. It was pretty dope! Here’s just a taste of “Warhol By the Book”.


The highlight for me was the record room, a wall of album covers designed by Andy Warhol. You could even listen to the music! There were headphones, of course. Museums like you to keep your dance party to yourself.

Dancing was starting to exhaust me, so I decided to leave Club Warhol and curl up with a good book. It just so happened to be by Andy Warhol. What are the odds?

I have no idea why I’m shh-ing people. It’s a picture book. Oh snap – Judy and Liza!

After awhile, I started posing for portraits of my own.

Overall, it was pretty amazing. A large collection of illustrations, graphic designs, and even some of his old textbook doodles. There’s no denying Andy Warhol’s contributions to the art community. We’re lucky to have had his style of mad scientist creativity. Thanks bruh!