How did I become a Huffington Post Contributor? It all started with a prosthetic penis and a dream…

I’ve never believed in waiting for good things to happen to you. I’d rather put the work in than fart around – lead the horse to water so to speak. And sometimes that horse is named Arianna Huffington. (Please don’t tell Arianna I said that!)

The Back Story

I had just finished writing my latest comedy sketch, an informercial called The Lady Penis. It’s a product for women (a flaccid penis with velcro on the balls) that administers a dose of reality to the men around you who are being real dicks.

I teamed up with Originator Studios, hired some of my talented actor friends, and together we created this video.

I’m really proud of what we put together, and I wanted to share it with the whole wide world. It seemed only logical to send the video out to a bunch of reputable online publications.

Submitting to The Huffington Post

I saw an interview where Arianna Huffington said she always checked her own email and to feel free to submit ideas to her. So I emailed her. I wrote her a sweet note, attached a press kit, and a link to my blog. Within two days she responded.

Arianna Huffington


to Madeline, me 

Dear Nathalie, many thanks for your note. I’m ccing our blog editor Madeline Wahl to follow up. All the best, Arianna

Holy shit! She liked it! I started spreading the news to the cast and crew. Guys, this might happen. We might get Huff Post. The Lady Penis will be spread far and wide! Shall we make a real one for QVC? I’ll call Shark Tank!

The Surprise Twist

A few days later, I received an email from Madeline. It said that Arianna really liked my voice and wanted to invite me to become a contributor. I could write articles about whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I stared at the computer with my mouth open.

Wait, what? I just wanted you to share my video, and now you’re asking me to contribute to HuffPo regularly?

I was excited, but stunned. I hadn’t even thought about being a contributor. I didn’t think that was a possibility for me this early in the blogging game. But just like that, Arianna Huffington was offering me a platform of millions of viewers. This was a huge  and I signed up immediately!

My First Huffington Post…Post

Gender Inequality’s a Bitch – Introducing The Lady Penis!  was up within days and we waited anxiously for viewers. Let’s just say the results were – underwhelming.  The article wasn’t chosen to be featured and never gained much traction. We would not be bringing it on down to Viraltown.

Still, we were officially on Huff Post and I was officially a contributor! One of hundreds of thousands, but still – Arianna approved. I’ve had a few of my articles published since then, but I’ve never made it priority. I wasn’t trying to get the gig, ya know? It just sort of happened.

In 2017, I’m looking at HuffPo with fresh eyes. Arianna Huffington has stepped down, but I’m going step it up and get an article featured this year. It can’t hurt, right?

I Think There’s a Lesson Here.


Something about not getting what you want and it becoming what you need. Or hoping for a different outcome and making the most out of the opportunities you’re given. More than anything, I’ve learned to just ask.

I would not be a Huff Post contributor if I hadn’t put my stuff in front of Arianna and just asked her to look at it. It literally made all the difference. My podcast is the same way. I wouldn’t have celebrity guests on my show if I didn’t ask. People say yes, not all the time, but you’d be surprised. So just do it. Get in there, do the work, and ask for what you want.

And if any of the women out there need a boost of confidence, have I got the Lady Penis for you!