I know why you’re here. You’ve been watching Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, and you want some proof this kid is legit. I’m right there with you!

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out my friend, actress/producer Lindsay Hicks, was going to be on the show with her boyfriend Moby. I begged Lindsay to do an interview about the experience and confirm once and for all – Is Tyler Henry real or a fake? (Full Podcast Episode Below!)



Let me start by saying that I love Tyler Henry – the scribbling, the perfuse sweating, talking to dead people through blankets and bow ties. What’s not to love?! I want to believe in his magical powers, I really do. I lost my mother recently and Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry has been part of my healing process. It’s comforting to know that your loved ones are never really gone, just with you in a different way.

Lindsay Hicks – Actress, Producer, Babe

Lindsay had never heard of Tyler Henry before Moby agreed to do the show.

“Mo told me he was going to see a medium and that somebody might film it. I didn’t know it was for E! I expected Tyler to be an older man, but then this child walked in.”

Lindsay was even more surprised when a producer asked her if she wanted to be on the episode too.

“I said no. It wasn’t really about me. Then Mo comes over and says, ‘Apparently it’s super weird if I don’t have a family member watching.’ So I did it.”

Moby’s Reading with Tyler

Here’s a clip from Tyler Henry’s reading with Moby. Lindsay is the pretty gorgeous blonde gasping and taking notes.

“There’s a lot that didn’t make it on the show. Moby was asking him a lot of questions. ‘How did you find out you had this gift?’ ‘What’s your life like?’ ‘Are you ok?’

Tyler Henry Crazy Scribbles

What stood out most to Lindsay was Tyler Henry’s scribbling process.

“It was crazy. It looks like he’s scribbling nothing. Suddenly he draws a couple of lines and it’s a name. Crazy!”

Does Tyler Henry Use Google?

I asked Lindsay if she thought Tyler was getting help with the information.

“It’s hard to say whether or not he has a team. A lot of things he said are on Google, but he was getting a real sense of these people. You can’t Google that. I think people work really hard to disprove him because it’s so heavy.”

Tyler Henry Whips Out the Big Guns

But then Tyler Henry said something only Lindsay and Moby would know – Moby’s mom referencing the white flowers he put on her grave. Lindsay’s jaw dropped.

“Moby’s mother passed 16 years ago, and he had never visited her grave. I suggested we go, and when we got there I picked two white flowers from a tree. We put them on her grave and said a prayer. We never told anyone or talked about it again. If there were any Tyler Henry skeptics in the room, that was the turning point.”

Lindsay Hicks and Moby are Tyler Henry believers, and I’m pretty sure I am too. I  guess only Tyler knows for sure.

What do think? Tyler Henry – Real or Fake?

Listen to Lindsay’s episode of Pretty Funny Podcast below!!!!

P.S.  You can also check out Lindsay’s new web series  The List. Here’s the trailer! Lindsay’s other web series Better Half, now available on Vimeo on Demand.

I hope you enjoying this season of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry!