My husband is from Plymouth, Massachusetts. We spent this Christmas in his old stomping grounds, walking distance from the Atlantic and surrounded by pilgrim pride. It was a lovely visit with my new family, but the stand out of this trip was my sister-in-law Courtney’s barn. Why? Because she turned it into a freakin’ time machine.

Courtney and I are kindred spirits. We’re both superwomen with a kryptonite of vintage glamour, witty banter, and V.C. Andrews books. Courtney is also the owner of a ‘vin-tique’ shop called Forgotten Corner Vintage, and you guessed it – it’s in a barn.

I wanted to share her shop with you for several reasons.

  1. Because Courtney’s a badass for turning her dream into a reality.
  2. Her shop magically whisks you away to another time and place.
  3. It’s darling as shit.


Isn’t it delicious!? This is only a fraction of the cute stuff she has to offer. Don’t you want to just put everything in your pocket? Well, don’t do that. It’s stealing. Besides, Courtney’s prices are beyond reasonable. Holler at her if you see something you like. But keep your hands out of the the cookie tin, I already bought it.