Teen Witch is one of my favorite movies on the planet. If you’ve ever seen it, you are more than aware of the most iconic scene from the movie, Polly’s rap battle performance of “Top That”. It’s literally legendary.  I recently had the privilege of interviewing the actress who played Polly, the hilarious and wonderful Mandy Ingber.

Mandy Inger Teen Witch

Mandy Ingber and Robyn Lively getting a taste of funky.


Mandy is bold, brilliant, and brutally honest about her experiences making Teen Witch and the impact it still has on her life over 25 years later.

These days Mandy is a health and wellness instructor to the stars.  She’s got a million Hollywood stories  and we play a game called 6 Degrees of Mandy Ingber to see how many celebrities we can connect her to.

Towards the end of our talk, Mandy and I discuss what it feels like to deal with hardships, find your inner strength, and rebuild your life. She’s so inspiring and has all the wisdoms. In fact she’s written two books on the subject.


28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover

 Nathalie Holmes Pretty Funny Girl Mandy Inger

Yogalosophy for Inner Strength

12 Weeks to Heal Your Heart and Embrace Joy


I hope you enjoy the interview, and if you’d like to find out even more about the fabulous Mandy Inger, click here.

Nathalie Holmes Pretty Funny Girl