Change is all I know these days. I left my job two months ago with the intention of starting a personal stylist business. I’ve learned a lot since then, the most important thing being – that’s not really what I want to do. So now what?

This put me back at square one, which is a pretty scary square when you’ve just quit your job. To be honest, I panicked. Are I doing the right thing? How am I going to make money? Iyanla, fix my life!



I’m also a newlywed. This means that Shaun, the guy silly enough to marry me, has inherited my dilemma. He’s very matter of fact with his solutions.

“Basically, you want to be Lucille Ball.”

“Basically, yeah, but with a little Bette Midler and Grace Jones thrown in there. And Oprah.”

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to pull this off. It’s kinda – not easy. There’s no exact steps to follow, no way to speed up the process, and no guarantee it’ll even work. Still, it’s possible. And guess what?  I’m going to fucking make it happen.


That being said, Pretty Funny Girl is changing directions. Transforming. Animorphing. Getting gastric bypass. Whatever you’d like to call it.

From this point on, Pretty Funny Girl will be a comedienne’s guide to living out loud, guiltless pleasures, and making your passion a priority.’

What does that mean exactly? I’m so glad you asked.

Living Out Loud

I have two mantras: Be Bold, Stay Hungry. & You’re doing it.

I’ll be making videos and writing blog posts about some of my more unusual experiences. It may be something heavy (losing my parents), petty (covering my cheating ex’s car with milkshakes), or random. Like that time I filled in for Huey Lewis & the News.

Guiltless Pleasures

I don’t like the term ‘guilty pleasure’. I’m am no way ashamed of the dumb stuff I love. In fact, I love the dumb stuff that I love! Some examples would be..

  • Boy Bands
  • Jon Hamm’s Face
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Psychics
  • Shitty Sequels
  • Everything 90’s

We’re going to celebrate it all, pimp. I ain’t sorry.

Making Your Passion a Priority

This is a BIG one. My passion is entertainment, so I’ll being giving you a behind the scenes look into my hustle as a showbiz darling and encourage you all to be just as #outofexcuses as I am. Which leads me to my newest adventure…

Pretty Funny Girl Podcast

I did it, you guys. I started the podcast I’ve always wanted. It’s all things PFG, but with an exciting new addition – celebrities! I’ve been interviewing some of my big deal friends as well the stars of my favorite 80’s & 90’s movies. Teen Witch anyone?! I’ll start sharing weekly episodes next month!

You Can Still Expect…

Comedy – I’m a comedian, so there will be funnies.

Style – Mama loves glamour on a budget.

Music – For those moments when I forget I’m not Tina Turner.

Celebrity Sightings – I meet a lot of people, and I usually embarrass myself.


I hope you’ll stick around. I’m very proud of the new direction. It feels way more authentic to me. Feel free to subscribe and check in next month as this crazy train leaves the station. It’s going to be a hell of a ride, y’all.