I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for awhile now, and I’m proud to say – it’s finally here! I’d like to thank the Lord Almighty, Steve Jobs, and Amazon prime.

Nathalie Holmes Pretty Funny Girl


Here’s  just a taste of what you can expect from Pretty Funny Girl Podcast:


I’m going to be giving you a behind the scenes look into my life as an actress, comedian, and musician. My friends in the entertainment industry will be sharing their stories as well. Warning, we’re all nut jobs.


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with nostalgia and I live in a time machine. That being said, I’ll be doing interviews with stars of some of my favorite films and TV shows from back in the day. (I name drop in the episode!)


I couldn’t possibly make a podcast without getting real. Crazy ex boyfriends.  Making your passion a priority. Spending three hours trying to get sushi for breakfast. We’re going to cover it all.

Are you excited yet? You should be! Check out the first episode, and stick around!

Nathalie Holmes Pretty Funny Girl