Granted, there are some great shows on TV right now, but I’d rather be kickin’ it old school. Here are a few 90’s baby shows that ended way too soon. And yes, this will be an ongoing thing.

 The Babysitters Club (1990)


Say hello your friends! Say hello to the people who care!

Hello Claudia, Stacey, Jessi, Mary Anne, Kristy, Mallory, and Dawn! I adore you all in this descending order.

The Babysitters Club was a TV show based on the popular 90’s book series. The movie sucked, but I was addicted to this show. It came on every Sunday afternoons and I faked sick on several occasions to stay home from church and watch it. I couldn’t get enough of those phone calls with Dr. Johannsen.

The actresses slayed, the boy toys were cute (Heeey Logan!), and Stacey’s brief stint as a fashion model served all the glamour. They also tackled the tough issues – Stacey having diabetes, Dawn saving old trees, and Claudia being kind of stupid.

Sadly BSC only ran for one season. It’s a travesty really. There are 131 books in this series. They could have easily kept the party going.


Clone High (2002)


Way, way back in the 1980’s, secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing genetic copies…

Clone High was an animated MTV series with a simple premise: Clones of famous people going to high school together. Genius. The show focused on a socially awkward Abe Lincoln voiced by Will Forte. He’s best friends with Joan of Arc and Gandhi, arch rivals JFK, and madly in love with Cleopatra.

This show was so clever with its teen angst spin on historical events. Abe and JFK run against each other for class president. Joan of Arc disguises herself as a boy to play basketball. Cleo becomes a video vixen, and Ghandi parties and sticks things up his nose.

There were also a lot of celebrity guest voices: Jack Black, Tom Green, Mandy Moore, and Marilyn Manson – just to name a few. For the record, these people were hot shit in 2002.

The show only lasted 13 episodes, and the final ones weren’t even shown in America. Bummer. There’s still so many fantastic dead people. This show could and should have kept going forever.


Salute Your Shorts (1991-1992)


 Think Anawanna-wanna, Speak Anawanna-wanna, Live Anawanna-wanna, Ug!

This show, along with movies like Camp Nowhere and Heavyweights, made me desperate to go to summer camp. Unfortunately, my mom sent me to an all girls Christian camp where we sang “Lean on Me” and “From a Distance” every morning. Not. the. same. thing. I’d rather have been “awful waffled” any day.

Anawanna had delinquent campers from all walks of life – lovable douchebags, nerds, a sports star, a girl who had no business in the wilderness, and two hot guys (Heey Michael!) who added eye candy to the second session. Camp Counselor “Ug” Lee did his best to keep the kids in line, but seemed to spend most of his time putting sunscreen on his nose and flirting with Park Ranger Mona.

Some of the people on this show went on to make pretty big names for themselves. Pinksy became a member of Rilo Kiley and shacked up with Winona Ryder. Telly moved onto Family Matters and Sister, Sister. And Mona became the voice of Babe and Chuckie from Rugrats.

This show was canceled after 26 episodes. You can’t stay at camp forever, I get that. Still, I was sad to see summer come to an end.


That’s it for the first batch of 90’s baby shows that should still be on. Stick around for more, and let me know what you think!