I know I’m in love with a dress when it squishes my boobs, and I don’t care. Legendary 60’s Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland’s mantra was “The eye has to travel.” Today’s look is devoted to taking that journey.

Striped Floral Dress

Introducing my favorite online clearance find ever – a bright garden party floral print dress with striped piping and wait for it…pockets!

Striped Floral Dress

I adore this dress. I feel feminine, confident, and a bit like a 50’s housewife who’s looking forward to having too many cocktails. This statement dress does all the work. Accessorizing is a “just add shoes and protect your eyeballs” kind of situation.

PFG - Striped Dress

I decided that pairing it with striped flats would be a cute way to bring the lines all the way down and make sure that your eyes take in the entire look! Did it work? An alternative would be wearing a solid color that’s already represented in the dress. There’s a lot going on in the print. You don’t need to paint this peacock. Black flats are perfect for taking the simply chic route.

PFG - StripeFloral4Can we take a minute to squeal about dresses with pockets? They’re one of life’s precious treasures – when they don’t make your hips bulge. I would seriously sew pockets into every dress I own if I had any concept of how to do that. They give your dress a great shape when you walk, and you’ve got little sleeping bags for yours hands! Hands get tired, people. Cocktails glasses are heavy.

PFG - PinkFurStripe10

Keeping with the retro vibe, I choose a pair of  white cat-eyed sunnies. These were a Saver’s find and I wear them constantly. My collection of sunglasses are mostly white, because white rims are a bold contrast to dark lenses. It sounds so simple, but the right pair can liven up the dullest of outfits.

My sister spotted this darling pink lady jacket at Ross with the “No one in their right mind is going to buy this!” mark downs. I bought it. I bought the hell out of it. Unfortunately, our 7 months of summer in Austin have officially started and I won’t see it again until Christmas.

PFG - StripeFloral9

So now the fun part!  Put on some of your favorite pieces and play around with adding accessories that will make the eye travel. What can you do to create a top to bottom look that’s not competing with itself? There’s several options.

Try coordinating your hat with your shoes, wrap a scarf around your neck with one side hang lower than the other, drape yourself in long necklaces, or add a pair of patterned tights. Have fun with it! And then treat yourself to that cocktail. I know I will. Cheers!

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