We don’t have to get into what a fart bucket Bill Cosby turned out to be, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t LIVE for the Huxtable ladies. I used to daydream about raiding all of their closets. My plan was to wait until they’re doing some family performance in the living room, sneak up that obnoxiously large staircase, steal everything, and then haul ass out the kitchen. Bud did that shiz all the time.

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When I first moved to Austin, I had the honor of being invited to an extravagant weekly brunch hosted by dozens of sassy gay men. This is where I was given the nickname “VanessaClaireRudy”. I wore it like a tiara at a princess party, honey. My only concern was what about Denise?! And dare I say it, poor unnecessary Sandra and her Olivia counterpart?

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In my stand-up, I describe my personal style as a cross between Lisa Turtle, Punky Brewster, and Vanessa Huxtable Season 5. Comedy is better when it’s the cold hard truth. This outfit  has Vanessa all over it. The hat and embroidered sweater are thrift finds. I bought the crop top and tights from an online clearance sale. They set me back $20, including shipping. It was a win.

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This outfit is all about harmonious solids. The maroon, golden mustard, and navy blue palette works really well together. Yes, it feels like fall, but I would wear this any day there’s a little chill in the air. The striped crop top adds contrast and spices the look up a bit.

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If the temperature starts to heat up, you can remove the sweater and own the crop top and tights combo. Now, I know crop tops are not everyone’s bag. I only started wearing them recently, because I promised myself I’d be a little braver with showing skin. I’m usually pretty modest with my body bits. Fear not darling, a funky casual tee will work just as well.

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If you like this look, you’re in luck. The 90’s are making a comeback in fashion, and pieces are easier to find nowadays. Hop on it Lady! Pinterest a couple of looks and refer to them before you go shopping. I’d recommend trying on your new look to the Cosby theme song.

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Dancing around like a goofball to sexy saxophone music can really help you embrace your inner Huxtable lady. So can defending a brilliant comic, until you realize that he’s a total poop head who likes to take advantage of women. Daaaah!

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Where I Would Wear This Look

  • Shopping
  • Party
  • Casual Hangout
  • Brunch/ Happy Hour
  • Around the House
  • Park
  • Movies