I saw this skirt on StyleMoi, and I jumped over the dog to grab my check card. Because self control. I collect bold skirts like Meryl Streep collects Oscars.

 I waited patiently for my new baby, and ripped the box open when it arrived. It’s even more vivid in person. Great, now I have this gorgeous new skirt that looks like it’s been plugged into a wall socket. Now what? I decided to keep it classy and tone down the intensity of this sucker with basic black. Of course, I had to add a couple of splashes of color. I mean, I’m only human.

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This bodysuit was also found on StyleMoi. Only the shoulders come out to play, and yet I still feel like a sex kitten. Eat your heart out, Meryl.

PFG - BoldPrintsBasicBlack

Black is a good pairing for this skirt, because it puts all the focus on the uniqueness of the pattern. No competition, unless you count these sweet, sweet shoulders. Just kidding, I’m all clanky bones.

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If you’re not feeling the idea of darkening up your look, then you can grab another color from the pattern and rock a top in that shade. Keep it in the family, honey. I also recommend sticking to a solid top, because whatever you wear is going to be fighting for attention with your bold skirt. Don’t let your outfit start an altercation, someone might end up calling the fashion police.

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This clutch is a real crowd pleaser. I mean, I get so many compliments on this purse. Thank you so much ma’am, but you know I didn’t design it right? Sometimes, I’m not so sure. Either way, I’m enormously thankful for your kindness, and I love it too. Yes, it heavily contrasts the skirt, but it still compliments the look instead of competing with it. That’s why it works.

PFG - BoldPrintsBasicBlack5

It can be tricky sister friend. There’s a fine line between just enough and too much. I know. I’ve walked that line. But being daring and bold with your fashion choices can really pay off. Hop in your closet and play around a bit. You might be surprised what new combinations you discover. 

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